Happy Birthday Ariel!

Love from Adam and Bob

Click each photo to hear some wisdom from Ariel!

Hi Ariel please can we ask you a few questions?
What is your approach to exercise?
How do you feel about Bob?
What is your favourite desert?
Do you have any deep spiritual advice for your friends?
Why is taking care of your hair so important to you?
Please can you sing us a song?
How does Laura make you feel?
Do you have any good chat up lines for the ladies?
Describe how you feel about Adam?
What do you say to Bob every morning at breakfast?
Do you like to spent time with your mom?
Why does Bob like to take his time with making things perfect?
What are your hopes for the future with Laura?
How do you feel about Adam??
What are your thoughts on downloading movies illegally?
Why is Hummus special to Israeli people?
How do you feel when there are bugs in Elephone?
Do you like dogs?
Do you feel healthy at the moment?
Have you learnt anything new about yourself recently?